Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Knotty Knitters

I met Heather Sutherland at the the Blanton Museum's Knitted Wonderland meeting. She runs a MeetUp group in town called the Knotty Knitters (clever). After some last minute emails, she welcomed my filming with warm knitted arms.

Joe has been very eager to get shots of knitting as B Roll for the bumper. Even though I had a very long day bouncing between jobs, I headed over to the Hill Country Weavers on South Congress with John's Canon 60D to shoot.
I got there and was blown away by the atmosphere. I'll admit, I expected to see a bunch of grandmas making doilies. Instead, I was amazed by all the different women there, young and old, making different projects. Everyone seemed to be at a different level or had a specific strength. Some people were working on their tree sweaters, for the Knitted Wonderland project, some were just doing their own thing. Heather was crocheting a yarned arrow for the event. We would be carrying on a conversation about whatever (men, current events, movies etc) and once and a while someone would ask a how to question and everyone would be excited to give their input.

I grabbed some close up shots of fingers knitting and crocheting. I didn't give everyone enough notice to film their faces. They were a little bashful even though I can tell you they all looked beautiful. I used the 50mm and and got right up in there with the shallow focus. I didn't have a rig which worked against me. I tried to use my natural tripod (me crouched in a chair with the camera propped on my knees) which worked. I have to admit that I got distracted by these wonderful women and their stimulating conversation. I really wanted to be in there, knitting with the pros. I stayed for about an hour and a half, shooting and conversing before my hunger got the best of me.

I'm not sure how Joe will use this footage but I think I got some great cutaways. I really want to explore the idea of modern-day knitting circles. Making mental note...

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