Get Involved!

Okay now I won't be able to do this documentary without you, yes you! Filmmaking is a collaborative art. Do you have any ideas, suggestions, hook-ups on people I can stay with as a travel around, I want to hear it. Email Me!

On top of all the grants I'm applying for, I'm going to need some start up money for hard drives, cards, travel, etc. Anything helps. Seriously, $10, $20, $30, or even $50 that adds up. If you donate to this project, I will put your name in the credits under the Special Thanks. Just click the DONATE button and give what you can.

Don't have money to spare, that's okay, you can also donate frequent flier air miles, comped hotels rooms, and any other travel hook up you have. Most of the budget for this movie is made up of travel. Maybe you work for a company that needs to give money and might want to sponsor the project.

This is my Indiegogo fundraising video. The campaign is over but you can still check out the video.

Click Here to Go to the Online fundraiser, IndieGoGo!