Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Contact

On a whim, I facebook messaged Magda Sayeg (aka Knitta of and she actually responded! She's in Buenos Aires at the moment but gave me her assistant's email and instructions to set up a meeting time. Hell yeah! She's kind of a rock star to me. I spent a couple of hours getting every internet article in which she's been featured and printing them out. I didn't realize how big this movement really was. It was impossible to read them all in one sitting. At least now I have something to read while I'm home, or at the bus stop, or need break from editing.

Magda has some interesting projects coming up this spring. She's teaching a knitting class at the Griffin School, the high school that dreams are made of. Most of her work is elsewhere, very little is in Austin. She recently knit some stuff for the ACL music festival and had some other work up during the East Austin Studios Tour (EAST). There's also a gigt coming up for the Blanton Art Museum. I'm hoping that I will be able to travel with her to her next locales, like Rome, Argentina, and New York. Oh yeah, one more thing. This knitta Queen Bee and I are having our first sit down next week!

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